WORLD WIDE ROMA MOVEMENT Roma Center Call for action day on 8th April

8th of April is the international Roma Day. 1971 on this date Roma representatives from 25 countries met for the first time in London and founded the Romani Union. On this day they also decided to replace offensive foreign appellations with our native name “Roma” (human) and agreed on a common flag, blue and green with a red wheel in the middle.

Today almost everywhere Roma see themselves exposed to a growing discrimination, ranging from exclusion from education and employment to racially motivated attacks. Currently in Germany, there are monthly deportations of Roma to Kosovo and Serbia, in Hungary the far-right Jobbik party gains votes with a shameless anti-Roman propaganda and Roma have to live in fear of assassination attempts there. Also in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, there were violent demonstrations and attacks against Roma. And the policemen are indifferent  or even racists themselves … – so many crimes against Roma are never reported or punished.

This list could go further …

On the 17th of April there is the next planned deportation of Roma from Germany to Serbia. Thees families often lived in Germany for up to 20 years and the children are born in Germany. Especially for them the deportation is hard because they are used to German lifestyle and forced to leave their home to go to a foreign country were they even do not understand the official language

It is time to stand up and show the world that we are not afraid or willing to suffer in silence. We are European citizens with equal rights and although we are a minority in every country we are not weak or ashamed to say “WE CLAIM: STOP FORCED DEPORTATIONS, STOP RACISM, STOP DISCRIMINATION!”. We have more than 12 Million sisters and brothers in Europe who share your situation and we are solidly united and loud!

On 8th of April WORLD WIDE Roma stand up against all wrongs committed against Roma and remember the victims of racist mass murder because the cruelty of the past must not be forgotten to prevent a repetition.


Roma attaced in a park in Bulgaria (Video)

Ataka-Partei fordert Todesstrafe für kriminelle Roma

Ungarische Garde/Bulgarische Nationalgarde

Serbian Roma

Brutální zásah policie proti náboženskému shromáždění v Krupce

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