See what is happening in Hungary and react against this humiliating treatment of innocent people!

Dear Friends,
a few month ago we visited the village Gyöngyöspata in Hungary and filmed an interview with Janos Farkas, the Roma spokesman there.

He told us about the attacks on the Roma of his village by far right extremist militia and why all Roma women and children were evacuated during the Easter holidays (read more about this background: www.toonaripost.com)

In this time we visited them the Romas safety was ensured by massive presence of police and Mr. Farkas told us about the fear of his people that after the elections coming soon there might be a jobbic mayor in his village and then the Romas situation might get worse.

Well, the Jobbic won and now please see yourself what happened next: www.hungarianambiance.com

All of us remember the Roma of Gyöngyöspata as hospitable, simple and honest people who face a massive discrimination and try to cope with their situation by fighting for their rights with the means of law and political discussion although they often felt the “glass ceiling” build in Hungarian society for Roma.

We are really hurt in our hearts to see this people humiliated and enslaved like this. The new Mayor just made up some stupid and humiliating torture especially for Roma called it “work” and forced them to take part and wear prisoner like clothes while doing it. As if this is not enough they also obviously filmed it and mock about the humiliation of the Roma and their complaining.

Refusal or actions against this treatment are punished with draconic cut of social aid for up to three years. This is an existence-threatening punishment for a Roma in Hungarian society, where 11% of the people in general are affected by unemployment but much more of the Roma. Because of racist prejudices it is much more difficult for a Roma to get good education and find a decent job later. The separation of Roma in Hungary goes very far! A girl even told us, that the Roma in her school are not allowed to use the same toilet as the other children!

In our opinion this is a far going scandal and we should not keep silence about it! Please join us in our protest! Write your opinion about this treatment to the Hungarian ambassadors and organize Demonstrations in front of the embassies. Hungary should know that there are a lot of Roma and Non-Roma watching what is going on in this country and are willing to react!


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